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  • Prioritize the use of domestic cashews to stimulate demand for Vietnamese goods 01/02/2023

    Jan 2nd, 2023

    Mr. Vu Manh Tung - Director of Golden Cashew Co., Ltd., since the company was newly established, it has been determined that all cashew products of the company use raw materials from Binh Phuoc cashew nut, selected and processed on modern production lines. Moreover, in order to improve the quality and brand of Binh Phuoc cashew nut in the domestic market, over the past time, not only Golden Cashew Co., Ltd but most cashew processing enterprises in Binh Phuoc province in addition to promoting Strongly invest in building high-quality cashew material areas, also focus on developing and upgrading the technology system in cashew processing. According to Mr. Vu Manh Tung, at present, the company is fully equipped with modern machinery and technology system, taking advantage of the advantages of new processing methods including roasting cashews under high pressure, roasting technology without air. advanced oil with product lines of roasted salt, roasted spicy, roasted wasabi and roasted chocolate… In particular, these products all meet food hygiene and safety standards, certified by BRCs grade A; US FDA certification, HALAL certification, HACCP certification and ISO 22000 certification. Commenting on this issue, Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai - Deputy Head of the Central Steering Committee of the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods" said that in order to bring Vietnamese goods and get closer to consumers, enterprises need to associate products with geographical indications of Binh Phuoc province. Not only that, although the quality is already good, it is still necessary to pay more attention to propaganda, building a brand identity from the logo to the packaging so that domestic consumers can easily identify when choosing a product. to Binh Phuoc cashew nuts. Statistics show that the whole province of Binh Phuoc has 280 businesses and more than 400 business and processing establishments of cashew nuts. Binh Phuoc has also established more than 40 cooperative groups and cooperatives for cashew production with more than 500 members. In order for the cashew industry to bring in export turnover of 1 billion USD/year, Binh Phuoc is building its own brand; which focuses on enhancing the added value of product chains through deep processing, commodity production and building mechanisms to encourage businesses and cashew growers to tighten sustainable relationships. As the locality with the largest cashew acreage in the country and recognized for the protection of geographical indications for cashew trees, Binh Phuoc province has had many policies to encourage people to develop cashew trees suitable to the soil and climate. . In addition, Binh Phuoc province has also developed a cashew industry development plan to 2025 and a vision to 2030, setting the goal of stabilizing the cashew area in the direction of intensive and intercropping; associating production with the cashew nut processing industry. Besides, the province also offers many solutions to help improve competitiveness and develop Binh Phuoc cashew brand in the domestic market. On the other hand, applying advanced techniques to diversify products of the cashew industry, proactively control quality, overcome commercial fraud, and ensure food safety and hygiene. In particular, develop a sustainable cashew industry on the basis of fully promoting the close linkage between production - purchasing - processing and consumption, ensuring food safety and hygiene, meeting the needs of consumers. domestic market./.