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  • Many border gates with China restore customs clearance 05/02/2022

    May 2nd, 2022

    On April 24, the City People's Committee. Mong Cai (Quang Ninh province) and the city government. Dongxing (China) had a meeting to discuss solutions to build a safe green zone and restore customs clearance at the openings and border gates between the two localities from 8:00 a.m. on April 26, 2022. At the talks, the two sides agreed that in terms of ensuring safety to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic, the customs clearance of goods at Bac Luan II border gate will gradually be reopened in 4 phases. Specific stages include: Handling of goods stuck in the monitoring area; return air cargo vehicles stored in yards of China and Vietnam; re-clearance for non-cold chain goods; normal customs operations. The notice also said that currently, goods belonging to cold chain goods have not been cleared for customs. When the City. Dong Hung (China) agreed on the customs clearance time, the City People's Committee. Mong Cai will notify. City People's Committee Mong Cai assigned the Mong Cai International Border Gate Management Board to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant agencies and units, in notifying business units and border residents that import and export goods through the border gates. , the opening in the city know. Thereby, proactively taking measures to regulate and arrange goods to avoid damage, in which, temporarily not bringing cold chain goods and fruit goods to border areas. * Previously, on April 22, the Management Board of Dong Dang-Lang Son border gate economic zone informed that after more than a month (from March 14), China temporarily stopped customs clearance of goods through the bilateral border gate. Ma (Loc Binh district, Lang Son) - Ai Diem (Minh Ninh district, Guangxi, China) to prevent and control COVID-19, on the afternoon of April 21, Ninh Minh district (China) announced to continue reopening activities. customs clearance through this bilateral border gate. Right in the afternoon of April 21, functional forces on both sides of the border gate carried out customs clearance procedures for trucks carrying goods. After re-implementing customs clearance activities, the working force at Chi Ma border gate is ready to meet the conditions to serve import and export enterprises. At the same time, notify the Department of Industry and Trade of the provinces, cities and the business community to have a plan to bring goods to this border gate. Many Chinese elephants are happy through the flower cave Trucks transporting dry goods are exported to China through Kim Thanh International Border Gate No. II (Lao Cai) in the afternoon of April 6 - Photo: Lao Cai Newspaper And in Lao Cai , from 3pm on April 6, the international road border gate No. II Kim Thanh has carried out customs clearance procedures for import and export goods for Vietnamese and Chinese trucks. Exported goods are dry goods (carried in open trucks) including: peeled board, coffee, tapioca starch... The main imported goods are fertilizers, vegetables, fruits... Because the Ha Khau district (Yunnan province, China) still strictly implements epidemic prevention and control, the amount of import and export goods is limited. Particularly, fresh fruit products carried on refrigerated containers have not been exported yet. Currently, the import and export of goods is still facing many difficulties. Therefore, the authorities of Lao Cai province ask businesses to find out official information from the authorities before intending to transport goods to Lao Cai for export to China.