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  • Kingdom Exim Group, IATC welcome top international investors 12/21/2022

    Dec 21st, 2022

    Chairman of the IATC for Central and West Africa & Group CEO of Kingdom Exim Dr. James Rajamani has welcomed into Ghana’s first batch of some top international investors. The arrival of the team of investors coincided with the 38th National Farmers Day. “Kingdom Exim Group is happy to host the Business delegation from USA and India to explore business opportunities in Agriculture and Allied Sector to help the farmers, women and youth in the rural communities,” Dr. James Rajamani in an address to the Media. The Managing Director of the Kingdom Exim Group and the Director of International Protocol for the IATC Dr. Immanuel Rajamani affirms the primary objective of the visit by the IATC- Kingdom Exim Group facilitated investors was to explore the Ghanaian Agro and Technology industry by establishing the right synergy. Kingdom Exim Group, IATC welcome top international investors The Trade Commissioner for the IATC of Ghana and leader of the delegation from India and the United States of America, G. V. Krishna, praised Ghana for positioning the country to be attractive to investors. “Ghana has political stability and the right natural resources to feed industries.” Mr Krishna has indicated the Global President of the IATC Dr. Asif Iqbal preparedness to continue to identify the right investors to boost trade between Ghana and India Mr.Venkatesh Babu Vadkamudi and Mr.Srinivas Naidu Pavuluri from dFarm Inc USA will be offering their technology, market place supply chain software to Kingdom Exim Group and implement international trade which will benefit all the stakeholders taking local products to Global reach. Dr.G R Chintala Former Chairman of NABARD, DFI from India and Dr. Prasad Rao Pasam Chairman & MD of Evergreen Energy Enterprises India Private Limited and Advisor to dFarm Inc will be sharing the holistic approach to help the rural community of Ghana with skill development, capacity building, setting up processing units of cashew like cashew apple wine, cashew shell oil and oil palm plantations and processing units and other Agri produce processing offering one-stop agri support services and market linkage through various interventions. Kingdom Exim Group, IATC welcome top international investors Having a strong local partner like Kingdom Exim Group and support from the government and international funding agencies are very important components to generate better income opportunities for rural communities through the Collectivization of farmers and setting up Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), Self Help Group (SHG) women entrepreneurs and involving rural youth with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities said Dr.G R Chintala. “We look forward to an excellent bilateral trade relationship,” said Trade Commissioner Mr.GV Krishna, accompanying the delegation.