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  • In India, cashew is grown in an area of 11.5 million hectares, production is 7.5 million tons 04/02/2022

    Apr 2nd, 2022

    Cashew Farming: Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that it is necessary to increase production and increase productivity by bringing more area under cashew cultivation. So that its import can be reduced. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that cashew is grown in an area of about 11.5 million hectares in the country, with an annual production of 7.5 million tonnes. The area of cashew in the country is the second largest in the world. India is the second largest producer of raw cashew nuts in the world. As the consumption of cashew is increasing day by day in the Planned work should be done to increase cashew farming by reducing its import and becoming an exporter. He informed this while inaugurating the Rajat Jayanti Bhavan of Indian Cashew Research Institute, Puttur (Karnataka). Tomar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken of a self-reliant India and New India. The difference between old and new India is that in the past our dependence was on the world in many areas but in New India we should be self-sufficient in every respect, this is the goal we all need to work together.Is. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and all its organizations are playing an important role in the field of agriculture. Our agricultural scientists are engaged in increasing the productivity and quality of crops, the result of which is also visible to the country. Women do most of the work in the field of cashew processing Agriculture Minister Tomar said that it is necessary to increase production and increase productivity by bringing more area under cashew cultivation. All possible suitable areas for area expansion should be explored. Expressing happiness, Tomar said that Indian Cashew Research Institute has developed 26 varieties of cashew Are released. Online software and mobile app "Cashew India" has been developed for the rapid dissemination of knowledge and technology of farmers. The cashew processing sector generates more employment in agriculture, of which more than 95 per cent are women, while cashew processing factories provide employment to 1.5 million people. Research will benefit farmers The Union Minister said that the new Rajat Jayanti Bhavan of the institute has been added as a new dimension. This will facilitate cashew cultivation and research and will benefit our farmers. ICR has connected the farmers with its work by promoting technology, which is benefiting the farmers, will get maximum benefit even further. Tomar asked the scientists of Indian Cashew Research Institute to resolve every issue of farmers as soon as possible. What is the government doing for the farmers? Tomar said that the Government of India is committed to take the agricultural sector forward, with a view to providing income support to farmers through its schemes, crop insurance facility, a fund of Rs. 1 lakh crore for infrastructure, ten thousand new farmers. While working like making FPO, providing Kisan credit card to every farmer, she is working side by side with the farmers. Need to introduce new varieties of cashew nuts to farmers Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Chowdhury said that in line with the thinking of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, work should also be done on increasing the production and area of cashew. Cashew growers should also get benefits under the central government's theme Lab to Land. New varieties of cashew should be distributed to as many farmers as possible. Union Minister of State for Agriculture Ms. Shobha Karandlaje said that while understanding the problems of cashew growers, they should be benefited. He said that by doing extensive research in the field of cashew cultivation, there is a need to develop more fruit bearing plants, and also work towards connecting more and more farmers with cashew production. On this occasion, the Deputy Director General (Horticulture) of ICAR, Dr. Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Executive Director, Cashew Research Institute TN Raviprasad, Dare Additional Secretary Sanjay Garg, Deputy Director General (Dissemination) Dr. AK Singh and Assistant Director General Dr. Many people including Brajesh Kumar Pandey were present.