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  • Goa BJP MLA pitches for export of cashew Feni 07/ 15/2022

    Jul 15th, 2022

    Goa BJP MLA Deviya Rane has demanded that the government should allow the export of cashew Feni, a step which can boost the cultivation and bring cashew apples in use. Deviya Rane, MLA from Poriem constituency in North Goa, speaking at the state Legislative Assembly session on Wednesday, said that the product has demand in foreign countries. Feni, a drink commonly and socially consumed by the local residents of the coastal state, was notified as the state heritage drink by the Goa government in 2016. Cashew Feni is also the country's first indigenous liquor to obtain the Geographical Indication tag, a process which was initiated by local manufacturers of the brew in 2009. "Goan Feni is GI tagged, but we can't sell it outside our state. There is no permission. It can't be sold in national and international market," She said. She further said that though our cash crop is cashew, but cashew apples are wasted. "Almost 80 per cent of cashew apples are thrown out as only cashew nuts are used," Rane said. "If we get permission to sell it in other states and internationally as well, as it has wide scope and demand, it will help to increase production and thus new distilleries will come. This will ultimately help cashew farmers," she said. "Recently I was abroad and when people there came to know that I am from Goa... they said 'you are so lucky, you have beaches and you have Feni', but they also lamented that they don't get it in their country. They asked me 'why doesn't your country export it'," Rane said. "If it is made available on duty free shops at Mopa airport, and if we can sell it nationally in other states, then cashew cultivators will benefit," she said.