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  • Dong Nai: Trang Bom district has built 10 agricultural product linkage chains 07/01/2022

    Jul 1st, 2022

    Breeding chains of enterprises and establishments such as: Binh Minh Company Limited has a closed broiler farming chain in Thanh Binh and Cay Gao communes; Thuan Truong Poultry Slaughtering Facility (Song Thao Commune) builds a closed chain from raising, slaughtering, and selling broiler products; Hoang Van Tham Slaughterhouse (Ho Nai 3) cooperates with pig breeding companies to slaughter pigs for meat; Dong Nai D&F Food Processing Co., Ltd (Trung Hoa commune) links breeding, slaughtering, and consuming pork. There are 6 linkage chains for planting and consuming agricultural products, including: cocoa in Trung Hoa commune with an area of ​​65ha; cashew tree in Tay Hoa commune 41ha; cashew tree in Dong Hoa commune 35ha; tissue transplanted banana tree in Bau Ham commune 502ha; tissue transplanted banana trees in Song Thao commune 283ha and chain link banana trees in Thanh Binh commune 120ha. In addition, the district has two large field projects in progress, which are about 650ha of cashew trees and 111ha of cocoa mixed with cashew nuts (both in An Vien commune).