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  • Cashew procurement also limited to declaration 04/03/2022

    Apr 3rd, 2022

    Iritti / Kasargod Cashew procurement was delayed after the ground price was declared lower than what was available in the market. Although the minister inaugurated the state level cashew procurement in Cheemeni, the concerned agencies in the district did not start procurement till yesterday.As the government continues to neglect everything from pricing to procurement, prices in the market are falling every day. At the beginning of the season, the price was Rs 128 per kg. One week before the end of the season, when the market price was Rs 115, the government announced a floor price of Rs 105. As procurement agencies have to pay a handling charge of Rs 10, farmers get only Rs 95 With the announcement of a floor price of Rs 20 less than what was available in the market, cashew traders have been slashing prices on a daily basis. The market price was Rs 97 yesterday. At the beginning of the season Cashew is now available at Rs 31 less per kg than it used to be. Kannur and Kasaragod districts have the highest cashew production in the state On the slopes. The average production in Kannur last year was 25000 tonnes and in Kasaragod district it was 15000 tonnes. The floor price was announced at Rs 95 when farmers demanded Rs 200 per kg. The expected total loss is Rs 240.4 crore If cashew is reduced by Rs 1 per kg, the total loss to farmers in Kannur and Kasaragod districts is Rs 4 crore. The average production with 2 districts is estimated at 40,000 tonnes. Farmers say production will fall by more than 30 percent this year. The loss was calculated at the beginning of the season The price would be Rs 153.8 crore. Assuming a production of 28,000 tonnes this year, the loss at Rs 31 per kg would be Rs 86.8 crore. At current prices, the loss is Rs 240.4 crore. Assistance to pricing monopolies To ensure fair prices by the government which moves to promote cultivation by providing lakhs of cashew seedlings to farmers free of cost every year The experience of the farmers is that they are not taking action sincerely. It is alleged that the aim is to ensure the employment of cashew workers. Aralam Farm does not produce even half Aralam Farm is the largest cashew grower in Kannur district. A total of 182 tonnes was received last year. At that time, the yield was more than 50 tons. But this time even 25 tons Did not. Yields are expected to fall by 40 percent, farm officials said. Kasargod Procurement In groups below 10 In the district, 18 co-operative societies have informed the Cashew Corporation of their willingness to procure. Of these, less than 10 groups have started procurement. The price of cashew in the general market is Rs. 108-110.But the groups are stockpiling for Rs 95. The Cashew Corporation has said it will pay the current price until May, even if market prices fall. Pricing Committee: No farmer representatives There are complaints that there are no representatives of farmers in the pricing committee. Commissioner of Agricultural Production, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Statistics, Capex MD, Cashew Development Corporation MD, Cashew Development. The pricing committee consists of the Agency Chairman, Aralam Farm MD and Plantation Corporation MD. It is said that above the price of cashew nuts, farmers can pay more than Rs. 200 per kg. Pricing should also be done in December.