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  • Cashew nut exports in the last months of the year are positive? 07/18/2022

    Jul 18th, 2022

    Mr. Vu Thai Son, Long Son Cashew Company said that the consumption market is being affected “When export markets and consumption markets are affected, it is difficult for Vietnamese businesses to avoid the impact. Some nuts such as almonds are very cheap, so people promote consumption and reduce cashews "- Mr. Son confided. Is it possible? Received orders until the end of the second quarter of 2022, but Long Son Cashew Joint Stock Company said that customers are now asking for delayed delivery due to poor consumption. Therefore, the situation of orders after September is still a hidden number. With the question "will the market situation in the last 6 months of the year be positive?", some businesses believe that the market situation in the third quarter of 2022 will not be positive and somewhat gloomy. Forecasting the market situation in the coming months, Mr. Son said: "From now until about September 2022, the market will still be weak. From October to November 12, 2022, January 1, 2023, I hope the market will improve because that is the month when customers have high demand for consumption for Christmas, New Year and China. Lunar New Year". However, with the immediate situation, concerns about inventory problems in the coming period will cause cashew prices to decrease because the "supply - demand" balance is tilted in favor of supply. In the next 6 months, Mr. Son hopes that the inflation situation will improve, the war between Russia and Ukraine will end, the ability to consume this "high-end, play-thing" will be better.