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  • Cashew in Benin: a production of 150,000 tons during the 2021-2022 campaign 10/10/2022

    Oct 10th, 2022

    In Benin, the cashew nut marketing campaign for the 2022-2023 period started on April 1st. The town of Bassila, one of the producing towns hosted the launch ceremony. During the past campaign, Benin recorded a production of 150 thousand tons . Cashew nuts remain Benin's second agricultural export product after cotton. For the current campaign, the players in the sector want to go beyond these 150,000 tonnes. And to achieve this goal, the productivity per plant must be improved. This is at least what was entrusted to the national radio, the director general of the Territorial Agency for Agricultural Development Pole 4 , Kassim Issaka . "We are campaigning for the improvement of productivity, per plant, because when I take a cashew tree plant, we want the production of the foot there to be improved. Currently we are at 3 kilos, 4 kilos per plant. If we can go to 10 Kilos, 10kilos 200 per plant, that's our goal" he said. The man explains that on one hectare you can have between 50 and 200 plants. If the productivity per plant is improved, then it would be easy to talk about yield, assures M Issaka. After having met this challenge, it will be necessary to take care of the transformation. For this component, Kassim Issaka believes that the government is making efforts with the establishment of the Glo-djigbé Industrial Economic Zone (GDIZ). "Processing units (of cashew nuts) will start up within 4 to 5 weeks. We must locally process all of what we produce to create value. No nuts should leave Benin, but before to get there, productivity must be improved" suggested the director general of the Territorial Agency for Agricultural Development Pole 4.