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  • Cashew farmers worried by continuous heavy rains 05/24/2022

    May 24th, 2022

    Ariyalur Udayarpalayam, Cashew cultivation Cashew cultivation is predominant in Ariyalur district including Sendurai, Andimadam, Jayankondam, Udayarpalayam and Meenchurutti. The cashew nuts grown here are well received not only in the outlying areas but also abroad.Farmers in Ariyalur have expressed concern that cashew cultivation has been affected due to the continuous rains. Regarding this cashew farmers said: - Yield impact Yield impact Cashew lentils, also known as barren land gold, are cultivated on 75,000 acres in Ariyalur district. Only if it is too hot will the cashews dry well and give high yields. But this year in Ariyalur district, the cashew blossom was wasted due to continuous one week of heavy rains in April and one week of continuous heavy rains in May. Cashews are usually available in 2 to 4 bundles per acre. But due to continuous heavy rains, the yield is likely to be 1 to 2 bales per acre. Also, by continuous rain Farmers are also suffering from the inability to dry the nuts plucked from the cashew tree. There is a risk of excessive property as the cashew nut does not dry properly. This will reduce the yield this year and affect the farmers economically. Thus they said.