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  • Cashew cultivation changed the fortunes of farmers, earning a lot, women got employment in processing units 04/07/2022

    Apr 7th, 2022

    Cashew Farming In Chhattisgarh: Cashew is being cultivated on a large scale in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh. Eight thousand Apart from traditional farming in Chhattisgarh, different experiments are being done. In this episode, cashew farming is being done in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh . Cashew cultivation has changed the lives of farmers. More than eight thousand farmers are engaged in cashew farming in chhattisgarh at different places. Due to this they are also earning good money. Nearby people are also getting employment from Cashew Processing Unit. Women are getting work in processing units. Due to this, they are earning up to 28-30 thousand rupees in a month. Cashew produced in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh is making a special identity due to its nutritional and taste, its demand is being done in other cities of the state as well as in other states of the country. Actually, the weather in the northern region of Chhattisgarh is different from the plains and southern regions. Keeping in view the favorable weather in Jashpur, the district administration is promoting horticulture and horticulture crops apart from traditional farming in Jashpur. Cashew cultivation was started here in this episode. The climate of Jashpur is very favorable for the cultivation of cashew, so farmers are constantly getting attracted towards the cultivation of cashew here. For this, the Horticulture Department is providing advanced varieties of cashew plants and technical information of advanced agriculture to the farmers. In view of the production, cashew processing plant has also been established in the district. Increased profits of farmers When there was no processing plant in the earlier district, when farmers used to sell their fruits for Rs 30-40 a kg. Now cashew fruits are being sold at Rs 80 to 120 per kg. After processing and packaging cashew in the processing plant, it is sent to the market.In view of the price available in the market after the cultivation and processing of eight thousand farmers, farmers in the district started taking cashew crops continuously. According to the information, two thousand farmers are cultivating cashew in Duldula, two thousand in Kunkuri, one thousand in Kansabel, 800 in Pathalgaon and 500 in Farsabhar under Jashpur district. At the same time, about one and a half thousand farmers are joining the cashew plantation done by the Horticulture Department. In view of the increasing demand of Jashpur cashew in Sanjeevani centers also, great attention is being paid to its marketing. Jashpur cashew is being promoted continuously through various means through the state government. Cashew nuts are being sold under the brand name Jashpur in Sanjeevani centers run by the Forest Department. At the same time, now efforts are being made to make it available on the online market platform as well.