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  • Cashew crops, falling prices Dak Nong farmers pile up difficulties 04/04/2022

    Apr 4th, 2022

    Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam's family, in Dak Ngo commune, Tuy Duc district is cultivating 20ha of cashews. However, this year, the cashew orchard of Mr. Nam's family decreased sharply. According to Mr. Nam, this year, his family let workers collect cashews in exchange for free weeding. But due to bad harvest, bad cashews, workers are not satisfied with this exchange. "In order to mow the lawn for the cashew garden, my family has to make up for more wages, the new workers will clean up to help the family. In general, this year, we farmers are empty-handed with cashew trees. In the village, hamlet, most Every family that grows cashews falls into a situation of serious crop failure," Nam said. Assessing the severe crop failure of cashew trees, Mr. Nam said that the main reason was climate change and the sharp outbreak of pests and diseases of cashew trees. Similarly, Mrs. Dang Thi Luyen's family, in Dak Glong district, has 1 hectare of cashews intercropped with coffee. Every year, the family takes care and fully fertilizes the plants. However, this year the cashew orchard still failed. Ms. Luyen said that due to the influence of abnormal weather, especially the appearance of unseasonal rains around the beginning of the lunar year, there were very few fruits. In good years, the cashew garden of Ms. Luyen's family yielded more than 1 ton of fresh seeds. However, this year, she estimates that she will only earn about 4 quintals, or about 60% of revenue loss compared to last year. To drop the price According to statistics of the agricultural industry, the whole province of Dak Nong has about 18,500ha of cashews, mainly distributed in districts such as Cu Jut, Dak R'lap, Tuy Duc... In the 2022 harvest, the cashew tree not only lost its crop, but the price also dropped. As a result, many cashew farmers are facing a year of double failure. Specifically, after harvesting, farmers are selling to the market for about 21,000 - 23,000 VND/kg of fresh cashews. This price is lower than the same period last year by about 1,000 - 3,000 VND/kg. According to the calculations of many farmers, the income from cashew nut production this year is estimated at about 22-25 million VND/ha. However, when deducting all costs of care and fertilizer, almost farmers are no longer profitable. Dai Thanh Cashew Company Limited, located in Dak R'lap district, is one of the leading cashew nut exporters in Dak Nong province. According to Mr. Ta Van Truyen, director of the company, currently dried cashews are being sold on the market for 31,000 VND/kg, 3,000 VND/kg lower than the same period last year. "Vietnamese cashews are exported to many countries around the world. In 2021, businesses will export a large amount of cashews. However, in the first quarter of 2022, due to the "escalating" gasoline price, the transportation fee is also high. The sharp increase has made the consumption of export cashew nuts not going smoothly, very slowly. "Even in fact, the current situation is that the input price of cashews is higher than the output. Therefore, there are cashew nut processing enterprises for export to temporarily suspend production waiting for market developments because of the fact that the price of cashew nuts is higher than the output. Both are extremely disadvantaged, the more they produce, the more they lose," said Truyen.