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  • Cashew Training for Sustainable Growth: ACA Launches Official Cashew Master Trainers Website 11/09/2022

    Nov 9th, 2022

    Currently producing over 60% of the world's raw cashew nuts, Africa is making significant progress in cashew processing, with Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria leading in this regard, while other countries such as Ghana, Benin, Tanzania and Mozambique are making progress. While the existence of a conducive policy environment, government commitment and access to reliable sources of finance are key elements in Africa's quest to encourage local processing and ensure sustainable growth of its industry cashew, it is equally important to have skilled human resources throughout the value chain. In response to the need for skilled human resources, the Cashew Master Trainers Program (MTP), which was initiated by GIZ's ComCashew Initiative (now GIZ/MOVE) and ACA, and now fully organized by the latter with the support of the premiere and other partners, has trained over a thousand cashew experts from 20 countries who are positively impacting the industry and their societies. The Cashew MTP is now one of three programs of the ACA Cashew Knowledge Hub initiative ( ), which aims to provide different training opportunities for stakeholders, actors and newcomers to the cashew industry. The other two are the Cashew Master Class and the ACA Conferences and Forums. On October 14, 2022, ACA launched an official website for the Cashew Master Trainers Program (MTP) and opened registrations for the next edition of the training. The new website ( ) becomes the official platform for sharing public information, and for all MTP inquiries and registrations. Individuals can therefore visit the website to find out more about the MTP: the teaching staff of the training, the programs, the alumni and register for the training. This move by the ACA is part of the measures put in place to make information about the MTP more accessible and to open up the registration process to the public. "The Master Trainer Program has been in existence since 2014 and has produced over a thousand Master Trainers. However, information about this important training, for good reason, has mostly been between people and institutions in the cashew We believe that the time has come to bring more people, institutions and agencies on board, especially those new to the industry or people who are considering investing in cashew for gain industry knowledge and build themselves. The website will fill the information gap on the MTP, especially on registration,” said ACA Chief Executive Ernest Mintah. "The next edition of the MTP will start soon, therefore registration is open to everyone, both individuals and institutions. We have been doing this for years in partnership with GIZ/MOVE and many Ministries of Agriculture and institutions in Africa. We invite development partners, institutions and agencies to partner with us to train more experts for the cashew industry in Africa and beyond,” he said. added. The Cashew MTP was launched by GIZ/MOVE and ACA and its partners in 2014 with the vision to build a pool of technical and managerial expertise, facilitate regional exchanges between cashew experts by sharing lessons learned and innovations at regional and national level. Each edition comprising three sessions, participants are trained in agronomy and the management of cashew orchids; the development of improved plant material; post-harvest management and quality of cashew products; the processing and promotion of cashew nuts and their by-products; market mechanisms, market analysis of nuts and kernels; commercial relations between stakeholders; value chain development; the economics of cashew cultivation and processing; advice on self-financing; price analysis and formation. The MTP also works on the mindset and personal development of participants, ensuring they have the right mindset, knowledge and skills in areas such as gender, leadership, facilitation, as well as the design and production of teaching/training materials. After 14 editions, the Cashew MTP has produced more than a thousand cashew experts, including researchers, farmers, processors, cashew consultants, in twenty countries. These graduates have become agents of change, not only in the cashew industry but also in their societies. ACA believes that this is of paramount importance to the future of the cashew industry in Africa, particularly in the context of building a competitive African cashew industry that ensures profitability for all actors. ACA therefore invites development partners, institutions and agencies to partner with it to train more experts and build the capacity of as many people as possible in the sector, especially women who play a crucial role. in the growth and sustainability of the industry.