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  • Cajù nuts: Economic operators in the cashew sector denounce the fall in the price per kilo 06/06/2022

    Jun 6th, 2022

    In a mood, economic operators active in the cashew sector in Ziguinchor denounced the drop in the price of a kilo of cajù which fell from 700 to 500 CFA francs, and the shortcomings noted since the opening of the campaign. marketing of cashew. They deplore the ban on transporting the nut by land, when COSAMA fails to provide a boat for the evacuation of the product by sea. These operators attacked the Governor of Ziguinchor, claiming that it was he who ordered the customs officers, gendarmes and police to stop the trucks transporting the nuts from Ziguinchor to Dakar. An exit deplored by the Cajù interprofession in Senegal through its president who reacted following this rant from economic operators. Mohamed Ndiaye, who spoke for these economic operators in the cashew sector, strongly deplored the fact that COSOMA imposes a monopoly on the transport of cashew nuts. “This year, production is estimated at more than 90,000 tons, for an amount of 60 billion CFA francs, invested solely by national and international operators in the five months of this campaign. Unfortunately, this brilliant projection risks being evaded by certain structures such as COSAMA, which has imposed a de facto monopoly in the maritime transport of materials, while COSAMA affirmed to the CRD on May 13 that it does not have a boat container". According to Mohamed Ndiaye, the ban on cashew nuts by land from Ziguinchor to Dakar, has its raison d'être and specifies that it is unjust and unjustified, and that it is neither an order nor a decree, even less a law. It is just a correspondence that the former Ministers of Commerce and Interior Alioune Sarr and Ali Ngouille Ndiaye had made and that the Minister of the Interior at the time gave to the Governors for application, something illegal according to Mr. Ndiaye and his comrades. These economic operators are attacking the Governor who, according to them, "instructs Gendarmes, customs officers and police to stop trucks that take the road for the transport of cashew nuts". Mohamed Ndiaye on behalf of his comrades, warns : "that any truck which will henceforth undergo such an act on the part of the police will be the subject of a report by a bailiff and the author of the stoppage of this truck will be prosecuted". An exit or movement of mood deplored by the interprofession of cajù in Senegal. Boubacar Konta, president of this organization, says he understands the concern of the operators. However, he wishes to clarify: “Today, the observation is that the cashew nut stores are full in Ziguinchor and that the Djilor boat which should provide internal maritime transport, until now, cannot be available. because it is broken. We have received boats that will be shuttling in bulk. Something that is not recommended one hundred percent, especially in winter. The president of the cashew interprofession thus asks the President of the Republic to support COSAMA and to help it find a container ship as soon as possible so that this campaign is a success. The interprofession to specify that the transport of nuts by sea and disapproves of any other form of transport, especially the land route. And according to Boubacar Konta, there are more than 30 thousand tons already stored, and if the export is not done in time, it will create a lot of costs and difficulties.