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  • Aging tree major challenge to cashew nut business – Expert 04/07/2022

    Apr 7th, 2022

    “There is a need to start fresh new cashew plantations to replace all the old cashew trees, even as the cashew business is becoming a big local and export business.“We have high-yielding, improved cashew seedlings that only take 18 months to mature and start producing fruit and cashews as well.“People or communities that have these aging cashew plants can replace them with improved, high-yielding seedlings.“While other communities or individuals who want to get into the business can also grow these high-yielding, improved cashew seedlings,” he said. Chawla also emphasized the need for cashew farming to be done organically, without chemicals, additives and impurity inputs.This, he said, would make cashew products (walnut, apple and other extracts) fit for human consumption and easily obtain international trade certification. “The cashew business is a big and serious business, which requires the farmer or those who care for the trees to ensure best practices.“They must be careful with the activities that are carried out in the cashew plantations or trees to ensure that the cashew product is not contaminated and is not suitable for international export,” he said. The country representative said that the company was in Nigeria to ensure continuous training of farmers to get the right planting system and the right result and international certification.“Valency International is ready to organize ongoing training, both in and out of the field (farms). “This is to ensure that Nigerian farmers get it right, get value for their money and the country earns foreign exchange through the nut, apple (pulp) and other important extracts of the cashew,” he said.The Nigerian News Agency reports that the two-day training has cashew farmers and those who intend to engage in cashew farming in the state. It also reports that the training is being organized by Limited, in collaboration with Valency International Agro Limited and Udoamaka Diogbe Farmers Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited.