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  • After escaping the cashew export scam: Ask the brokerage company to take responsibility 06/06/2022

    Jun 6th, 2022

    "However, there are still 5 shipments of 3 enterprises still at Italian ports because the shipping company has not issued a new set of documents to enterprises. The reason is that these enterprises have not paid a deposit (from 125-150% of the value of the shipment). , each lot is worth about 4 billion dong) to the shipping line, so it can't be sold or towed to Vietnam like the remaining 30 containers. The initial decision so that the enterprise can quickly release the goods because cashews are a food with time to use, will reduce the quality for a long time.In the final judgment of the court, the enterprise will receive the deposit back from the shipping line. after deducting related costs such as warehousing, transportation, ..." - Mr. Nhut explained. After exiting, it's a good idea to start a new study. The cashew nut export case encountering international fraud is coming to a happy ending "Thanks to the timely direction of the Prime Minister and the drastic intervention of domestic and foreign authorities, cashew businesses in the biggest scam ever succeeded in getting their goods back. Therefore, the case is not over yet because some shipments are still on their way to Vietnam, businesses cannot calculate all the damage.The next thing the businesses in this scam will do is request to handle the Company. Kim Hanh Viet - a company that brokers the entire shipment and forces them to pay for the damage.In the past time, the shippers' businesses have spent a lot of expenses such as: attorney's fees, deposits... to pursue the case. work" – Mr. Nhut informed. It is known that Kim Hanh Viet Company has a Vietnamese owner with American nationality. Previously, in February, at the time of the Lunar New Year, through Kim Hanh Viet Brokerage Company, many Vietnamese enterprises signed contracts to export cashews to Italy with a total quantity of 76 containers for many Italian customers and started delivery. When Vietnamese enterprises collected money for goods, they discovered that there was a suspicion of fraud, so they tried to prevent many shipments. However, 35 containers still arrived at Italian ports in March while Vietnamese businesses and banks lost control of the original documents.