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    May 24th, 2022

    Discount retailer Aldi announced it will be working with cashew nut company Cashew Coast to “empower female factory” workers and farmer communities in the Ivory Coast. The cashew company employs local farmers, with three quarters of employees being women and over 40% of its management team occupied by women as well. Cashew Coast forges long-term relationships with local farmer and provides training and financial support to increase their cashew yield and support the local community. The discounter’s move hopes to increase transparency in the nut supply chain, which are often complex and involve cultivating nuts in West and East African countries but processing them in Vietnam. As a result, Aldi hopes to cut down food mines and support the financial independence of predominantly female workers by partnering with Cashew Coast. From 22 May, Aldi will be launching an African Cashews Specialbuy to promote its collaboration. A QR code on the packaging will provide customers with information on the cashews ethical journey. “Cashew Coast is tackling a number of issues in the nut supply chain at once – improving sustainable practices, supporting female workers and increasing transparency in the supply chain,” Aldi UK corporate responsibility director Liz Fox said. “By collaborating with them, we are offering customers a product that ensures environmentally-friendly and socially responsible production, while also supporting a sustainable network of businesses in the Ivory Coast.”